Shots Fired

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Mar 22, 2017 - May 24, 2017








Ashe - Sanaa LathanPreston - Stephan JamesPatricia - Helen HuntArlen - Richard DreyfussBreeland - Stephen MoyerDaniel - Will PattonAlicia - Jill HennessyShameeka - DeWanda WiseSarah - Conor LeslieJoshua - Tristan WildsKerry - Clare-Hope AshiteyJanae - Aisha Hinds

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A drama following the aftermath of a racially-charged shooting in North Carolina.

A small North Carolina town is turned upside-down after an African-American police officer kills an unarmed white college student. But before residents have a chance to grapple with this tragedy, the neglected murder of an African-American teenager is brought back into focus, re-opening wounds that threaten to tear the town apart.

As details of both cases emerge, officials suspect a cover-up that may involve some of the state's most powerful people, including the fiercely-political Governor. These volatile cases prove that that everybody has a story - and the truth is rarely black and white.

Comments (12)

01/02/18 at 01:40pm

you people have got to be kidding me!!!!! Caneclled???!!!!

I give up!
05/26/17 at 01:36am

One of the most well thought out and best new shows on TV. This was a pleasure to watch and so much truth on what's going on across this country daily. Love it and please bring it back
05/25/17 at 07:42am

So was this show just planned to be a mini series? It's already Concluded based on this site... Anyway, Helen Hunt looked like a plastic doll, she use to be so pretty. No season two...
05/25/17 at 06:07am

Please do not cancel this show. I enjoy the story line and the cast. It is the truth the truth and there is nothing we can do about the truth but appreciate and understand.
Angelica Young
05/24/17 at 08:15am

I just came across this show looking for something to watch on Hulu I never saw it advertised or talked about. It is well written and even if you don't agree with the topic , what a great cast!! Of course it is going to be cancelled , the general public don't like to think about controversy or hard topics!!! I just hope it inspires more shows from Netflix and Hulu and HBO.
05/17/17 at 11:44am

This show is horrible. I watched 2 episodes and pulled the plug. The show portrays the thugs as angels - just like the media does, and the cops are always the bad guys. Pray this show gets cancelled.
Karen jamerson
05/17/17 at 11:44am

Wow....This show clearly has people looking in the mirror, according to some the comments I read.Shots fired is the Truth! Shout out to Sanaa,the entire cast, writers and directors for exposing some of the hidden, actually blatant sad truths!
Deborah Brown
05/16/17 at 04:17pm

please don't cancel this show, it is very good, just like Rosewood was a good one, you always cancel the good shows. give it a change.
05/09/17 at 06:57pm

This is an awesome show. As a resident of NC, it's nice to have a show that speaks the truth and gives a voice to the voiceless. To those who don't like the show, I recommend you to act like it doesn't exist just like you do racism.
04/24/17 at 00:02am

I see your points, but the way I am looking at it is that the show is making people aware of what is going on all over the country. We still have VERY racist areas, and unfortunately I have seen this going on it my small town. (FYI... I am a white woman). I have even been told that there are still KKK organizations here and in other states. I like that this is a warning of sorta to all that watch it. Racist people can see how they look and people like me can learn from what we see. I have been stopped twice in my driving career for absolutely NOTHING. When the officer got to my window and looked in, he paused and say "Oh never mind, Have a good evening". Scared me to death. What he didn't see before pulling me over is that I was not alone on my car. What would have happened if I HAD been alone??? Still makes me cringe to think about it. Both were white officers too. This show is a hard call because it DOES focus on racist issues, but I am also learning a lot about how to handle situations that may occur too. Turn on your phone recorder, get the badge number, ask to see the proof that you were speeding or whatever they are stopping you for, etc. Since my false pull overs, I feel safer having tools to protect myself. Sadly, I can say with absolute confident and first hand knowledge that SOME officers ARE dangerous. They use their power illegally, I counseled wives who are beaten and when they call for help the officers stand together, so she had no means of leaving or filing charges. That sickened me to hear her story and see the fear she had for herself and children. SAD...

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