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An action thriller that acts as a prequel to the film series of the same name.

This new addition to the iconic blockbuster film franchise follows the origin story of former Green Beret Bryan Mills, who is younger and hungrier, as he deals with a devastating personal tragedy.

As he works to overcome the incident and exact his revenge, Bryan finds his way into a career as a CIA operative, a job that allows him to utilize his very particular and dangerous set of skills.

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Comments (7)

Posted 04/29/17 at 13:41:23

I don't think I've ever seen show a which screams 'cancel me, please!' any more so than that this pile of crap.
Right from the start it has had absolutely zero to do with the film series and the makers claiming it to be a 'prequelized story line' to the film yet still include all the modern tech etc. are totally deluding themselves.
Like others have said this week's episode was enough for me.
** spoilers **
Brian realised his apartment is bugged and moments later has a conversation where he spills all the details about the clandestine group he works with whilst standing in the bugged apartment while not knowing who or what might be listening or watching. Seriously...???
** end spoilers **
This show has plot holes in it that would take the dirt from an extinction level event asteroid hit's crater to fill.
I also can't muster any empathy for anybody in the entire story except for the murdered sister and she has been dead since the end of the first five minutes of the first episode. Since then I quite frankly haven't cared less about any of the characters.
Dear God, please can I have those 8 hours of my life back, please??
Lastly, the acting also seems sub-par for this well known cast (in it for the pay cheque?) to a level that should already have gotten this show derided in reviews.
Please kill the show now!
The only intriguing thing about this 'Taken' is my wondering how long it is until it's 'Taken off-air'!!!
Posted 04/27/17 at 10:11:52

Episode # 8 was enough for me. Thought he was going to cry in the last scene !!!
He seems as dumb as he is strong, works in AI and can't figure out he's being spied on?
This was my last episode.
Posted 02/28/17 at 11:41:18

Is he going to get his daughter kidnapped every week or is it a long drawn out load of crap I don't get out they can make a series out of this the movie became a joke.
I will deffo check it out but van't see it being any good
Posted 02/27/17 at 03:37:28

Will give it a shot. Jennifer Beals should give the show some credability she could be the make it or break it for this show. MKL&ML
Posted 01/27/17 at 15:54:13

The Plopster is a fan of the movies but does not have high hope for this show. Will give it a fair chance.
Posted 01/15/17 at 17:32:11

Posted 11/26/16 at 01:35:47

Shooter series is better than the movie. Can they top Liam? No way.

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Clive Standen (Bryan)
Jennifer Beals (Christina)
Brooklyn Sudano (Asha)
Monique Gabriela Curnen (Vlasik)
Gaius Charles (John)
Michael Irby (Scott)
James Landry H├ębert (REM)
Jose Pablo Cantillo (Dave)
Simu Liu (Faaron)
Jennifer Marsala (Riley)