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L.A.'s Finest

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May 13, 2019 - Present




Drama / Crime


Syd - Gabrielle UnionNancy - Jessica AlbaJoseph - Ernie HudsonBen W. - Zach GilfordBen B. - Duane MartinPatrick - Ryan McPartlinRay - Zach McGowanIsabel - Sophie ReynoldsBishop - Jake Busey

A drama based on the Bad Boys film franchise.

Syd Burnett is a DEA agent from Miami who leaves her complicated past behind to become a detective for the LAPD. Her new partner, Nancy McKenna, is a working mother with just as many skeletons in her closet.

While the two women have a hard time seeing eye to eye, they have no problem forming a dynamic duo in order to take down dangerous criminals in Los Angeles.

Comments (4)

10/24/19 at 10:55am

Terrible....so terrible....It's like they are trying to be Lethal Weapon but failing very miserably...how has this not been cancelled??
David Wood
09/15/19 at 06:49am

Starts silly and shallow, then tries for sexy and serious.
But nothing works.
05/15/19 at 05:29pm

watched 20 min of this and couldn't watch anymore it is a very bad copy of bad boys they even use the same jokes
Gregg Hadwyn
05/13/19 at 01:28pm

Saying it now before it even premeries it will be CANCELLED..... You won't ever duplicate Lethal Weapon, this is a bust before it gets started.

Prove me wrong Spectrum!!!!

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