The InBetween

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May 29, 2019 - Present




Drama / Crime


Cassie - Harriet DyerDamien - Justin CornwellLt. Swanstrom - Anne-Marie JohnsonJacey - Cindy LunaWill - Chad James BuchananTom - Paul Blackthorne

A drama following a woman that uses her ability to communicate with the dead to help to solve murders.

Cassie Bishop is a special woman who was born with a gift that allows her to see and communicate with the dead. This has allowed her to help them with their unfinished business - whether she wants to or not.

When her detective friend and his partner come to her for help in solving a grisly murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities. And as long as she can keep her demons at bay, she'll work to help solve some of the city's toughest cases.

Comments (13)

06/29/19 at 10:04am

...bit tedious....
06/27/19 at 08:20am

oh bad. so very very bad
06/13/19 at 01:03am

This show is cheesy and horrible. From now on If its not a Dick Wolf production, im done watching Nbc... salute to law & order svu, chicago fire, chicago med, chicago pd .... those shows are the only reason nbc is still alive today
Steve S.
06/06/19 at 08:26am

I shouldn’t have continued to the 2nd episode as I’m sorry I watched any of it. Cancelled.
Steve S.
05/30/19 at 10:58pm

I see a couple slammed the pilot, and one liked it. I liked it well enough to watch the next episode. I don’t expect this feeling to last as there is nothing original or unpredictable about it. It is a simple show, which is likely its undoing as much as anything, although simple does not mean bad. In this case, it most likely will mean not good.
05/30/19 at 07:43pm

Like Medium? --- NOT! Dead Zone? --- NOT! Ghost Whisperer? === NOT!

Not comedy, sci-fi, or mystery, NOT even good Crime Drama, just BORING, dumb, bad joke
David Wood
05/30/19 at 07:40pm

Good pilot. It dove right into the thick of things.
Gotta have some dramatic bite to keep viewers' attention and survive.
It might work.
05/30/19 at 07:38pm

Recorded it and have been try to get through it. Boy! two days and no can do! Thought because of the medium and ghosts aspect it would be good. NO WAY! This show sucks!

Not going to watch it, will await the Cancellation Notice. Episode 1, CANCEL!
Steve S.
05/29/19 at 04:35pm

NBC = National Between Channel = domestic channeling = dead channel = medium channel = ghost channel = 8 Episodes and a Cancellation Notice Channel
david zalewski
05/29/19 at 01:00pm

Call it Dead Zone 2, Medium 2 or Ghost Whisperer 2. Or just call it 8 Episodes and a Cancellation Notice.

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