The InBetween

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May 29, 2019 - Aug 14, 2019




Drama / Crime




Cassie - Harriet DyerDamien - Justin CornwellLt. Swanstrom - Anne-Marie JohnsonJacey - Cindy LunaWill - Chad James BuchananTom - Paul Blackthorne

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A drama following a woman that uses her ability to communicate with the dead to help to solve murders.

Cassie Bedford is a special woman who was born with a gift that allows her to see and communicate with the dead. This has allowed her to help them with their unfinished business - whether she wants to or not.

When her detective friend and his partner come to her for help in solving a grisly murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities. And as long as she can keep her demons at bay, she'll work to help solve some of the city's toughest cases.

Comments (25)

03/03/20 at 01:58pm

Here we go again, decent shows getting cancelled, is there a power face off between TV execs?
Here's waiting for the next gem to be cancelled
Ken Lock
02/25/20 at 04:42pm

A show that I enjoyed sitting back and watching. Loved the gay characters as well. Shame.
12/04/19 at 05:13am

Not saying this was my favorite show on TV but it was interesting and I would have watched a second season worth of shows to see if it got good. Oh well.
10/21/19 at 03:42pm

My wife found & likes this show. I keep waiting for it to be cancelled so I can delete it from my DVR menu. The show is just "ok". It reminds me of the older "Ghost Whisperer" show, but has no actors I've heard of before.
10/13/19 at 10:21am

Wow, I'm surprised at all the hate. I like this show. No, it isn't an award winner or a show that will run a decade, but as a crime drama with a twist - it works for me. I like Paul Blackthorne enough to try anything he is in, but crime dramas that manage to tie in the supernatural are my favorite genre. I loved all the other shows people mentioned.

I'm still hoping this gets a pick up for next spring/summer.
08/19/19 at 01:35pm

This is a good show. Yes a little cheesy but not every show needs to be Dark and violent. We need variety.
08/16/19 at 05:31am

Sorry, but I like show. A lot better than reality TV. I hope it doesn’t get canceled.
08/15/19 at 10:38am

I like this show...but everytime I like a show it gets cancelled. Hopefully it stays on.
Vera Covarrubias
08/15/19 at 05:19am

I like this show. I hope it's picked up for a midseason show. I don't want to have to wait until next summer to see it again!
08/03/19 at 05:24am

I like the premise and the actors on this show - it is certainly better than yet another reality/cop/lawyer/hospital option which seem to dominate the airwaves

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