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Feb 11, 2020 - Present






Aaron - Nicholas PinnockKate - Indira VarmaMarie - Joy BryantJamal - Dorian MissickJasmine - Tyla HarrisAnya - Mary Stuart MastersonMaskins - Boris McGiver

A drama following a prisoner who becomes a lawyer to fight for his freedom while behind bars.

Aaron Wallace is a wrongly-convicted prisoner serving a life sentence. Determined to fight for his freedom and get back to his family, he studies to become a lawyer while behind bars, litigating cases for fellow inmates while working towards overturning his conviction.

Inspired by the true story of Isaac Wright Jr.

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Mandy Adams
02/19/20 at 12:27pm

I love this show. Growing up I was never exposed to the unfairness of the racial discrimination I didn't grow up in a bubble I was just sheltered by my dad who grew up in the south and saw it first hand, and when I got into high school and saw the issues going on I wanted to be a human rights lawyer. I really wish I had continued with my dream and not gone into healthcare, lawyers like this are needed more than ever now.
Couch Potato
02/17/20 at 06:16pm

If it were not based on a true story, I might lose interest. But to see how corrupt the system and people involved in wrongfully convicting Isaac Wright is interesting to say the least. What makes the show more intriguing is the fact that Isaac Wright went on to become a lawyer that successfully defended inmates and expose the corruption behind his own conviction. That alone merits my interest. Stay tuned.

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