September 14, 2010

TBS has canceled its comedy My Boys. The show's recent fourth season finale will effectively be its series finale, as the show will not return.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Complete list of My Boys episodes:

Season 1:
Mixed Signals
Team Chemistry
The Slump
The Show
Clubhouse Poison
Free Agent
Superstar Treatment
Take One for the Team
When Heroes Fall From Grace
Baseball Myths
Promise of a New Season
Off Day
Dirty Little Secrets
Second Chances
Douchebag in the City
The Estates of Hoffman
110 Percent Solution
Rome, If You Want To

Season 2:
The Transitioning
Dinner Party
The Shirt Contest
Spit Take
Take My Work Wife...Please
Dudes Being Dudes
Opportunity Knocks
Jack & Bobby
John, Cougar, Newman Camp

Season 3:
Welcome Back, Kalla Fötter
Private Eyes
The Boyfriend Hat
Decathalon: Part Deux
Carpe Burritoem
Madder of Degrees
Facebook the Past
Friends of Friends
Spring Training

Season 4:
Addition By Subtraction
Gourmets and Confused
Be a Man!
Hanger Management
Puss 'N' Glutes
Extreme Mike-Over
My Men