My Boys

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Nov 28, 2006 - Sep 12, 2010








PJ - Jordana SpiroBobby - Kyle HowardBrando - Reid ScottKenny - Michael BuninMike - Jamie KalerStephanie - Kellee Stewart

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A comedy focused on a female sports columnist in Chicago and the men in her life.

PJ is a smart, funny, and attractive Chicago newspaper sports writer. However her 'one-of-the-guys' personality doesn't do much to help her land a boyfriend, causing her to spend most of her time playing poker or hanging out with her married brother and various friends.

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08/21/12 at 10:11am

Miss this show!
Francisco Rubio
03/28/12 at 01:17am

The only thing good (and he kinda seemed like a fish out of water, to be honest) about this show was Jim Gaffigan. The other guys/girl were just OK (and that's my honest opinion after watching about 8 or 9 episodes, total). Perhaps the writing was lacking?

PS - Jim Gaffigan was part of the cast, fyi. You don't have him listed as a cast member (as of today, March 28, 2012) in the 'Cast' column.
09/20/11 at 02:22pm

This was a great show... Very upset that this was let go... Was a great chemestry...

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