December 25, 2016

As a holiday treat to its fans, Netflix announced on Christmas Eve that Fuller House has been renewed for a third season. The good news comes two weeks after the half-hour comedy premiered its sophomore season on the streaming service.

The revival of beloved 80's sitcom Full House has been enjoying a solid comeback, attracting a healthy amount of viewers despite less-than-favorable reviews from critics. Making it to a third season is quite the accomplishment for a revived series, as many attempted reboots fizzle out long before that.

Fuller House follows Tanner daughter D.J., now-grown up and recently widowed. She lives in her childhood San Francisco house with her three sons, younger sister Stephanie, and her best friend Kimmy Gibbler. Many characters from the original Full House make appearances on the show, including D.J.'s dad Danny, her uncles Joey and Jesse, and aunt Becky.

Look for Season 3 of Fuller House in 2017.