May 15, 2017

Even though it was all but official, confirmation is out today that CBS has cancelled The Odd Couple after three seasons. The buddy comedy had a decent run on the network during its first two seasons airing as a mid-season entry. But a move to the regular fall lineup for Season 3 last October saw viewership, and it ended up ranking as CBS' lowest-rated comedy of 2016-2017.

Things weren't look good in recent months when the show didn't receive a back-order to extend the current season's episode count, but its cancellation was seen as mostly certain after star Matthew Perry posted the following message to his Twitter account back in April:

My face on the Odd Couple stage door has been painted over with green paint.I think it's safe to assume that we have been cancelled.#subtle

Based on Neil Simon's classic play of the same name, The Odd Couple followed ladies' man and famous curmudgeon Oscar Madison, who leads a seemingly perfect life hosting a popular sports show and living a bachelor lifestyle in New York City. When his college friend Felix shows up after being left by his wife, it complicates Oscar's life and brings to the surface some unresolved feelings about his own past relationship.