June 23, 2017

ABC's new comedy Downward Dog has been cancelled. The network's decision comes six episodes into the show's run and just four days before its now-series finale. Co-creators Michael Killen and Samm Hodges broke the news on Twitter this afternoon, writing that the network, which was in support of the show creatively, could not find a way to justify a second season financially.

The half-hour series premiered last month and has been garnering decent ratings and generally-positive feedback from critics. But with the cast's options due to expire in the coming week, its numbers just weren't strong enough for the network to justify bringing the show back.

Downward Dog starred Allison Tolman as a woman attempting to deal with her tumultuous personal life and stressful career. Observing her daily struggles is her increasingly-lonely and philosophical dog Martin, who tells her story from a canine's uniquely unfiltered perspective.

Catch the show's two-part series finale this Tuesday, June 27.