Downward Dog

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May 17, 2017 - Jun 27, 2017








Nan - Allison TolmanJason - Lucas NeffJenn - Kirby Howell-BaptisteKevin - Barry RothbartMartin - Samm Hodges

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A comedy following a lonely dog's thoughts on his owner's relationships.

Nan is a woman attempting to deal with her tumultuous personal life and stressful career. Observing her daily struggles is her increasingly-lonely and philosophical dog Martin, who tells her story from a canine's uniquely unfiltered perspective.

Comments (26)

11/02/17 at 00:54am

Hoping another network will scoop up this show. It needed more time. Seems like ABC is so desperate for ratings they pass on things sooner than they should. I really hope it becomes a hit on another network.
10/16/17 at 07:05am

Agree with others - ABC did not give it enough time. It was getting better and better. Not everything has to be reality contests or action scenes. I will miss it.
09/27/17 at 01:04pm

Cute show.. Will miss it/
08/22/17 at 00:27am

Aii yii yii....every now and then just a gem of a moment happens...and they happened every now and then on Downward Dog. Just watching rgw "Old" episode...and Martin's dilemma with the new visiting puppy....and allllll Martin wants to do is take the perfect nap. His last words before the commercial at minute 6 - "I swear to God!" - with the puppy sitting precisely beside him....can you NOT laugh, people? That was FUNNY !!!!
08/11/17 at 02:06am

Theresa Longman
07/30/17 at 02:14am

I like This show a lot. I love dogs. Seemed a great fit. Course ABC (which stands for already been cancelled) wouldn't give it the time to develop its characters. Love Alison Loman and will miss Martin.
This show was not for everyone. You have to love dogs at least to start with. Bring it back.
07/05/17 at 11:27am

I truly hate ABC -- they stay loyal to NOTHING. This show was getting better and better and the dog's point of view (in our opinion) was hilarious and spot on. Guess you have to be a dog owner and truly love them to get it. But really ABC -- the casting was great and this deserved another shot! I'd love to see another network pick this up!
07/01/17 at 02:37pm

AMY that is an unkind and unnecessary comment to make. Our family likes the dog's voice. A cute show, especially the dog's perspective on life. Endearing to dog lovers who have a bonded relationship and friendship with their dogs.
tv guy
06/25/17 at 05:33pm

Hey Joe last Man Standing didn't suck. the fact that you like this show you have no taste.
06/24/17 at 05:36pm

Hey Joe, there are other channels more in tune to your mentality, try Disney jr., Nick jr. and sprite or if it's dogs that turn you on, there is a pets tv channel. Try something with less thinking, comedy shows are to entertain the masses, not bore them to sleep. Maybe you should play with your toys.

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