October 9, 2017

It appears the covert adventures of K.C. Undercover are coming to an end. A couple of recent tweets by star Zandaya from the show's set let fans know she was currently filming the last scene of the spy comedy, with her final tweet simply stating:

".....and that's a series wrap!"

K.C. Undercover premiered on Disney Channel in 2015 and became an instant hit across the network's various deliver platforms, with consistently strong performance in their key kids demographics.

In the series, teen star Zendaya stars as a high school student who uses her smarts and martial arts expertise to become an international spy for a top-secret government agency. Joining her parents, who are also spies, the family takes on missions for their country while also dealing with typical family issues.

Eight episodes of the show's third season have already aired this summer. Look for the final stretch of episodes to conclude the series beginning in November.