July 18, 2019

Netflix announced today that Queer Eye has been picked up for Seasons 4 and 5. The good news comes three months following the release of Season 3, which once again garnered favorable reviews from both critics and fans alike.

The reality series, which is an updated version of the 2003 original, has been enjoying a successful resurgence since its return to television last year. Queer Eye, or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as it was originally known, ran for four seasons on Bravo before it was cancelled in 2007. A decade later, the Netflix revival edition of the lifestyle-focused series features a new 'Fab Five' with expertise in fashion, culture, grooming, design, and food and wine.

Fans don't have long to wait for new episodes. The fourth season of Queer Eye is scheduled to premiere on July 19 and will be set in Kansas City. Season 5 will follow in 2020, taking place in Philadelphia.