October 18, 2019

It looks like it's case closed for Bluff City Law. Word is out that NBC is wrapping production on the new drama after its initial 10-episode run, opting not to proceed with a back order for any additional episodes.

The series has had a tough go since its premiere in late September. Airing Monday nights at 10:00pm, it has struggled to find a sizeable audience, trailing its time slot competition for the past two weeks. Critical reception has overall been mixed at best.

Back in August the network had ordered six additional scripts for the show ahead of its premiere, but its early struggles have led NBC execs to rethink their long-term plans for the series. While no final decisions have been publicly, it appears that the series has been cancelled.

Bluff City Law follows Sydney Strait, a brilliant Memphis lawyer who left her father's famous firm due to their tumultuous relationship. But after years of barely speaking to each other, Sydney is thrust back into the family fold after her mother suddenly dies. When her father then asks Sydney to rejoin his firm, she puts aside her lingering resentment and distrust so that she can work at the firm she knows can affect real change.

The show's final episode is scheduled to air on November 25.