November 17, 2020

It is being reported that Conan will be ending its run on TBS after 10 seasons. The move walks back the talk show's last pickup in 2017, which was a four-year order that would have seen it on the air through 2022. But with it being the year 2020, renewals no longer mean as much as they used to.

Hosted by Conan O'Brien, the titular talk show began in 2010, when the comedian moved to TBS after leaving his brief stint hosting The Tonight Show on NBC after a dispute with the network. The series started out in the typical hour-long format, but was scaled back to a half-hour in 2019 so O'Brien could make more time for his podcast and his Conan without Borders specials where he would travel to countries around the world.

The end of Conan means that O'Brien will not be hosting a nightly talk show for the first time in 28 years. He won't be going away completely though, as he is tapped to helm an upcoming weekly variety series on HBO Max as well as continue with his international specials.

For now, though, Conan will remain on the air through June 2021.