August 5, 2021

It was announced today that Discovery Channel has renewed BattleBots for two additional seasons. The reality competition series has three seasons under its belt at its new home on Discovery.

The franchise has a long history that originated back in the year 2000 on Comedy Central. It aired there for five seasons before being brought to broadcast television by ABC more than a decade later in 2015. Airing as a summer entry, the series lasted just two seasons on ABC, ending in 2016. The show's latest home on Discovery Channel is perhaps the best fit for it yet given the focus of the network.

BattleBots is a robot-fighting competition in which contestant teams design, build, and battle their robotic creations with the goal of destroying or disabling their competitors in 1-on-1 bouts. The teams must use their combined smarts in order to create bigger, faster, and stronger armored machines than their opponents.

Look for the next season of BattleBots later this year.