September 9, 2021

CBS announced today that Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will be returning for a third season. The good news comes nearly three years after the reality series aired its sophomore run, which saw Tamar Braxton walk away as the winner.

In this spin-off, famous actors, athletes, and entertainers are sequestered in the Big Brother house, where they play an abbreviated version of the well-known reality series. Isolated from the outside world and constantly under surveillance by a house full of cameras, the house guests must use their social, mental, and physical abilities as they compete for the chance to win it all.

The show has fared well for the network in the past, airing during the winter months unlike the main series, which is always a summer entry. Things will stay the same this time around, as CBS is targeting an early 2022 start date for Season 3 of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.