April 18, 2022

Peacock announced today that Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem is coming back for another installment. The limited series first debuted with a 5-episode run last September. It must have found a decent audience on the streaming service, as another five episodes have been ordered for a return this July.

The first installment took place over a long weekend, with John and Marlena traveling to Zurich, Ben and Ciara taking a romantic trip to New Orleans, Chad visiting old friends in Phoenix, and Abe, Paulina, Lani, and Eli vacationing in Miami. All of them become involved in a mystery involving stolen jewels, with ISA agent Billie Reed traversing the globe in search of the missing treasure.

The next chapter of the series will span from Monte Carlo to Hong Kong, again featuring beloved characters from 'Days of our Lives.' This time, heartwarming family reunions take a dangerous turn as a mysterious adversary turns their lives upside down, with a connection back to a plot that long-time fans will remember.

Chapter 2 of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem premieres on July 11, with new episodes releasing daily through July 15.