July 22, 2022

Apple TV+ announced today that For All Mankind has been renewed for a fourth season. The pickup is an early one, coming with three episodes still left to air in Season 3.

The series premiered in 2019 as one of the streaming service's first shows at its launch. It has been going strong since, with each of its seasons garnering high critical praise. It also won a Saturn Award in 2021 for Best Fantasy Television Series.

Set in an alternate history where NASA's space program remained a priority and a symbol of people's hopes and dreams, For All Mankind is told through the lives of astronauts, engineers, and their families after the USSR becomes the first nation to successfully land on the Moon.

The first season of the show was set in 1969, jumping to the 1980s for Season 2, then onto the 1990s for Season 3. For Season 4, it will move into the 21st century.

Look for Season 4 to premiere in mid-to-late 2023. In the meantime, new Season 3 episodes are being released Fridays through August 12.