August 26, 2022

Netflix has renewed Floor Is Lava for a third season. The good news comes less than three months after the competition series released its 5-episode sophomore run, and the wait for new episodes won't be long as it's slated to return next month.

It appears the streaming service is changing up the release cadence this year. The show's debut in 2020 was 10 episodes in length, but when it returned for Season 2 this June, its episode count was reduced to just five. With Season 3 set to be released on September 30, the short turnaround time could indicate that an initial renewal of 10 episodes was decided to be split into two batches of five.

In Floor Is Lava, teams of three compete in an obstacle course where they must figure out how to best navigate themed rooms flooded with 'lava'. Cooperation and communication are key as they leap from platforms, hang from curtains, and swing from chandeliers.