October 11, 2022

Disney announced today that Bunk'd has been renewed for Season 7. The good news comes midway through the live-action kids comedy's sixth season run.

Bunk'd began as a spin-off of 'Jessie', with the Ross kids from that series leaving their swanky New York digs to attend summer camp in Maine. But at the end of Season 3, the three top-line cast members departed, and the show ushered in some new campers to continue their adventures at Camp Kikiwaka and beyond.

The show has had an impressively long run, faring even better than the series it was spun off from. Today's renewal will see it become the longest-running live action series on Disney Channel.

Look for Season 7 of Bunk'd, which will keep the 'Learning the Ropes' moniker in its title, in 2023. In the meantime, a new holiday-themed episode will air on December 2, with new weekly episodes returning in January.