December 13, 2022

It looks like this Sunday's episode of Step Up will not just be its third season finale, but also the end of the series. Star Christina Milian took to Twitter this morning with a post letting fans know that in the upcoming finale, the show is "going out with a bang."

The drama aired just one season at its new home on Starz, which revived it back in 2020 after being cancelled by its original platform, YouTube, where it went by 'Step Up: High Water.'

The TV series premiered in 2018 as a continuation of the 'Step Up' film franchise, this time focusing on the students and faculty at High Water, Atlanta's most cutthroat school for the performing arts. Janelle and Tal are twin sisters who have just relocated from Ohio, and they find themselves in a totally different world. As they adjust to their new environment, the girls learn just how far they'll push themselves to realize their dreams - both on and off the dance floor.

While on YouTube's Premium subscription service, the show was touted as drawing solid viewership for the streamer, even earning a second season. But a move away from its subscription video-on-demand model resulted in the show's demise. Starz revived the series nine months later, extending its run and making its first two seasons available on their app and on-demand platforms.