March 15, 2023

It is being reported that Disney+ has cancelled Willow after just one season. Coming two months after the fantasy drama wrapped its 8-episode freshman run, the news is not a surprise, as it likely relates to the company's recent comments about its streaming strategy moving forward.

Just days ago, CEO Bob Iger said in an interview that Disney would be rethinking its focus on exclusive original content, relating that they may resume making TV shows and films for rival networks and platforms. He stated that he hopes for a more curated approach similar to HBO, with a focus on fewer high-quality shows built around its major brands in an effort to achieve profitability.

Serving as a sequel to the classic 1988 film of the same name, Willow is set in an enchanted land of breathtaking beauty. The story follows an aspiring magician from a Nelwyn village and an infant girl destined to unite the realms, who together helped destroy an evil queen and banish the forces of darkness. Now, in a magical world where trolls, sorcerers, and other mystical creatures roam, the adventure continues when an unlikely group of heroes embarks on a dangerous quest where they face their inner demons and come together to save their world.