June 12, 2023

Word is out that Gotham Knights has been cancelled by The CW after just one season. The news comes with two episodes remaining in the superhero drama's freshman run, meaning its June 27 episode will now serve as its series finale.

Showrunners James Stoteraux and Chad Fiveash posted a joint statement on Twitter, thanking fans for their support but stating that, despite their best efforts, a new home was not able to be found.

In the show, Batman is dead and Gotham City has been left without the Dark Knight to protect it. Bruce Wayne's adopted son, Turner Hayes, is framed for the Caped Crusader's murder, along with the children of some of Batman's enemies. With hard-charging District Attorney Harvey Dent and the GCPD hot on their trail, Turner relies on his best friend and Batman's sidekick for support. Before long, the Knights soon discover a larger, more nefarious force at work within Gotham City. The team of mismatched fugitives must band together to become the city's next generation of saviors.