June 28, 2023

Word is out that The Other Two is coming to an end on Max after its current third season, meaning tomorrow's finale will now serve as its series ender.

The news follows reports that multiple staff members complained about the on-set behavior of creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, though a formal investigation apparently cleared the duo of any wrongdoing. While today's decision to end the show could appear to be attributed to the allegations, a released statement by the pair disputes that.

"It is bittersweet to say goodbye to the Dubek family after three seasons, but we always knew, both creatively and personally, that this was where we wanted to end their stories," Kelly and Schneider said in the joint statement. "And because we are quite literally out of ways to humiliate Drew Tarver, so what's the point? We are deeply grateful to everyone (gays) who watched the show, to Max for giving us a second home and life, and to our writers, producers and crew, who gave so much of their time, talent, and passion to this show over the last 45ish years. And finally, an enormous thank you to Heléne, Drew, Molly, Case, Wanda, Josh, Brandon, and everyone in our brilliant cast (except Ken) who all made this show better than it had any right to be, and who we will miss terribly (especially Ken). Long live ChaseDreams. #chasedreams #globsaregay #feet."

The Other Two originated on Comedy Central but only lasted one season there before heading over to HBO Max for Seasons 2 & 3. The story follows a pair of grown siblings whose lives are in a rut. While they're each struggling to make something of themselves, their teenage brother Chase has become an overnight Internet star, leaving them unsure how to feel about their sibling's sudden stardom.