August 27, 2023

Netflix has announced that Baby Fever has been renewed for Season 2. The news comes over a year after the Danish dramedy released its six-episode freshman run on the streaming service.

"We are thrilled and excited to be doing season 2 of Baby Fever," said creators Amalie Næsby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer. "We love Nana and simply don't feel we've finished exploring her character, or the fertility clinic as a setting, because it holds so many compelling stories we want to share. Now we have the opportunity to introduce a host of new characters while letting our regulars from Season 1 push the boundaries of comedy and drama still further."

The series follows fertility doctor Nana, who gets drunk during a wild night at the clinic and inseminates herself with her ex-boyfriend's sperm. This rash move gets her pregnant, leaving Nana to come up with a way to explain her condition and win back her ex. With her lies growing bigger, it makes it harder to keep her story straight. Nana will eventually have to tell the truth, which could ultimately cost her everything.

Another six episodes have been ordered for the second season, but a premiere date is not yet known. Season 2 will pick up with Nana now mother to a two-month-old baby, and ready to get back to work as a fertility doctor. But in order to do that she'll need to ask her mom to move in with her. Every day is a new mountain to climb, and Mathias is still lurking in the wings, unaware he's the father of Nana's baby.