September 18, 2023

Netflix announced today that the spin-off of 'La Casa de Papel,' aka 'Money Heist,' is set to premiere on Friday, December 29. Titled Berlin, the 8-episode series will follow one of the most extraordinary heists of the hedonistic and clever titular character.

Set in a time when he still has no idea of his illness and hasn't gotten trapped in the Spanish Mint, Berlin starts planning one of his most extraordinary heists: making €44 million in jewels disappear like some sort of magic trick. To accomplish this, he enlists the help of one of the three gangs he's ever stolen with.

The original 'Money Heist' ran for five seasons between 2017 and 2021. It followed a criminal mastermind who recruits eight young thieves who take hostages and lock themselves inside the Royal Mint of Spain as part of a grand plan involving many moving parts.