October 14, 2023

Amazon has picked up the second season of Pantheon for release tomorrow on its Prime Video streaming service. The animated drama was cancelled by original network AMC+ earlier this year despite receiving a Season 2 pickup.

AMC+ scrapped plans to continue with the show in a move that was related to parent AMC Networks' announced $400M of cost-cutting on content. With Season 2 having already completed production at the time, there was hope that it would find a new home. Prime Video is now that new home, although it's too early to predict if more seasons are possible.

Based on a collection of short stories by award-winning author Ken Liu, Pantheon follows a bullied teen who has been receiving help from a mysterious stranger online that is revealed to be her recently deceased father. This is possible because his consciousness was uploaded to the cloud following an experimental destructive brain scan. He is the first of a new kind of being – known as an "Uploaded Intelligence" – but he won't be the last, as a global conspiracy has begun that threatens to ignite a new kind of world war.