January 17, 2024

Peacock announced today that Season 2 of Vigil will premiere on February 15. It has been over two years since the British crime procedural released its freshman run on the streaming service.

The series follows Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva and her team, who investigate military related crimes. In Season 1, when a crew member is found dead aboard the HMS Vigil nuclear submarine, DCI Silva suspects foul play despite it initially being ruled an accidental overdose. The Scotland police investigate further, but must do so while the sub stays on patrol. When the crew close ranks in the face of questioning, a new threat overshadows the inquiry.

In the upcoming second season, multiple unexplained fatalities occur at a Scottish military facility, leaving DCI Silva and DI Longacre tasked with uncovering the cause. Entering the hostile and closed ranks of the air force, the pair must face the deadly warfare of tomorrow as they fight for their own future.