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Dec 23, 2021 - Present




Drama / Crime




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A British drama following the investigation of a suspicious death aboard a nuclear submarine.

When a crew member is found dead aboard the HMS Vigil nuclear submarine, Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva suspects foul play despite it initially being ruled an accidental overdose.

The Scotland police investigate further, but must do so while the sub stays on patrol. When the crew close ranks in the face of questioning, a new threat overshadows the inquiry.

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11/18/22 at 04:58pm

It has been renewed for a 2nd season!
12/23/21 at 02:33pm

I watched this earlier in the year when it was on the BBC in the UK, it's shocking, the acting is wooden, the whole premise is full of wholes and the plot is stupid
Big NIck
12/23/21 at 07:48am

I enjoyed this when it came out earlier this year on the BBC.
Steve S.
12/23/21 at 03:26am

Has a scifi feel but I see it's not scifi. Might try if it wasn't on peacock.

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