February 15, 2024

Amazon announced today that a premiere date of March 28 has been set for the second season of American Rust, which will now air on Prime Video. Amazon saved the drama from cancellation in 2022, but it was initially said to be headed to Amazon Freevee.

The series originated on Showtime, airing a 9-episode run in 2021 that ultimately garnered a mixed critical reception. The cable network opted not to proceed with a second season, likely due to low ratings.

Based on Philipp Meyer's hit debut novel, American Rust stars Jeff Daniels as complicated and compromised police chief, Del Harris, in a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town full of good people who can make bad choices. When the son of the woman he loves is accused of murder, he must choose how far he is willing to go to protect him.

In Season 2, titled 'American Rust: Broken Justice,' the show returns to the fictional small town of Buell, Pennsylvania. With Del and Grace working to rebuild their lives after the harrowing events of Season 1, a string of seemingly unrelated murders hints at a much larger conspiracy that threatens everyone in the small, tight-knit town.