American Rust

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Sep 12, 2021 - Present




Del - Jeff DanielsGrace - Maura TierneyHenry - Bill CampIsaac - David AlvarezBilly - Alex Neustaedter

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A drama following a murder that rattles a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town.

Del Harris is a complicated and compromised police chief in a Pennsylvania Rust Belt town full of good people who can make bad choices. When the son of the woman he loves is accused of murder, Del must choose how far he is willing to go to protect him.

Based on Philipp Meyer's hit debut novel.

Comments (6)

09/08/23 at 10:05am

Good show
05/19/23 at 02:01pm

Still waiting for this show to appear on Freevee's or Amazon's menu. Since a second season was announced after Showtime's unwise cancellation.
Richard J. Blanco
04/13/22 at 02:49pm

Great show driven by good character actors hope they change their mind and renew their show
11/02/21 at 09:40am

A good immersive character driven show. A little slow paced, but good things come.. Please renew.
10/13/21 at 08:46pm

Really like Jeff Daniels but I wish it moved a little quicker.
10/03/21 at 12:52pm

A bit slow but has a good plot and Jeff Daniels is excellent. For now it seems like it may be a one season show, but let's see how it develops.

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