April 14, 2024

USA Network is bringing back Race to Survive for a second season. The adventure competition series is returning on May 20 with 'Race to Survive: New Zealand,' where a new group of challengers will rely on a combination of endurance racing, survival skills, and intuition as they navigate 150 miles of the country's harshest terrain.

The new season will see nine teams of two traversing the deceptively beautiful New Zealand landscape, tasked with sourcing their own food and water as they vie to beat their counterparts in a race to the finish. The duos must brave the foreign land and elements while realizing the fastest route might not always be the safest. In each leg of the race, the last team to reach the finish line is eliminated from the competition. If the teams can endure physical pain, an unforgiving environment, and each other for long enough, they could take home the $500,000 grand prize.