Race to Survive

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Apr 03, 2023 - Present




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A competition series where eight teams try to endure over 100 miles of harsh terrain.

Season 1 is set along the wild and dangerous Alaskan coastline, where teams of adventure racers and survival experts must endure more than 100 miles of inhospitable terrain with only what they can carry.

Teams must utilize a combination of endurance racing, survival skills, and bushcraft as they navigate the mostly unchartered wilderness with sprawling mountain ranges, ancient glaciers, threatening wildlife and suffocating rainforests.

Over the course of six weeks and six races, the eight teams of two need to source their own food and water while surviving off the unwelcoming land as they battle the elements and try to keep up with their competition. In each leg, the last team to reach the finish line is eliminated. Teams will form alliances and try to avoid being backstabbed in order to claim a spot in the finale and have the chance to win $500,000.

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Bill B
04/19/23 at 05:56pm

Love these type of reality shows. Hope it's as good as the National Geographic channel show: Race to the Center of the Earth. Only time will tell.

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