All My Children

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Jan 05, 1970 - Sep 02, 2013








Erica - Susan LucciJesse - Darnell WilliamsTad - Michael E. KnightAngie - Debbi MorganJackson - Walt WilleyOpal - Jill Larson

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A daytime soap opera following life in Pine Valley, PA.

On the air since 1970, All My Children follows Erica Kane and the other residents of Pine Valley as they deal with scandal and bitter feuds.

The series originally debuted as a half-hour show, but was later expanded to a full hour in 1977.

Comments (7)

08/28/14 at 03:06am

Can't believe this is cancelled after all these yrs. Watched this from the time I was 16.
01/23/14 at 04:21pm

Bring all my children back
Smart Girl
07/08/13 at 11:51pm

Get rid of the Chew! Watched it more than once and I don't get it. It's like watching the same thing over and over again, day in and day out.
06/07/13 at 10:03am

all my children is back it on channel FX 10:00-10:30 am monday-friday
Primetime Blabber
03/12/13 at 01:12pm

The Soap is returning....should never been cancelled in the first place. and now ABC is stuck with the dreadful Chew.
07/27/12 at 07:58pm

When story lines have been beat to death and beat to death again....well, it it hard to breath life back into something after awhile.
michael lannen
05/01/12 at 02:32pm

The show lasted almost half of my life. I am a 70 year old male. So amother daytime soap ophra bites the dust. It had a very long run. Sade to say it now is replaced by either a reality show or a game show, how bad is that..I wish the cast and all the people responsible for bringing us that show good luck in the future. I hope all of you can find decient employment.

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