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Oct 11, 1975 - Present






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A late-night sketch comedy series.

This long-running Saturday night comedy series features sketches and segments that parody current events, pop culture and politics. Its cast of players is joined each week by a celebrity host and musical guest.

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Just Keith
10/14/23 at 10:16am

Why bother.
Steve S.
10/14/23 at 01:35am

Over 20 seasons ago it descended into beyond irrelevant, then it descended into beyond stupid, then beyond gross, then beyond pollution, then Hawking radiation, and now, annihilation.
10/16/22 at 03:51pm

Season 48 (2022) is a new low for SNL. In three episodes, they have only had one funny skit. Episode 3 about a substitute teacher.

The news (Weekend Update) remains funny except for the cast skits. They are beyond terrible. In past years they were not great, but this year they have reached totally unwatchable.

If they don't get better writers and cast members, this should be the last year for SNL.
12/09/18 at 08:26am

Not funny anymore. Way too political and not comical. If it weren’t for some of Kate McKinnon’s sketches I wouldn’t watch it. We record it and fast forward through most of it.
11/14/17 at 08:26am

Show has been crappy for many years.

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