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Oct 18, 1988 - May 22, 2018








Roseanne - Roseanne BarrDan - John GoodmanDarlene - Sara GilbertJackie - Laurie MetcalfD.J. - Michael FishmanBecky - Lecy Goranson

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A comedy following the life of a middle-class American family.

The Conners are a working-class family living in the town of Lanford, Illinois. Roseanne and Dan have raised their two daughters and two sons using unconventional parenting methods while navigating the ups and downs of blue-collar life.

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01/29/20 at 11:31pm

Does anyone even need to question why the show was canceled? Roseanne Barr needs to keep her mouth shut! Her insulting comments wrecked her own career. And seriously is she funny? I’d rather watch Adam Sandler in his Netflix shows. Roseann is unwatchable and I hope she gets everything she deserves!
Michael Elser
06/02/18 at 09:47am

This was a CRAP show then and now!! Roseanne wiped her butt on the National Anthem and they rewarded her empowering all her racism!! Good riddance to this show!! If this is the best the networks can offer then TV is in big trouble!!
05/31/18 at 10:04am

Yet Wanda Dykes can call Trump a Orangutan but God forbid anyone call Obama an Ape.Bill Cosby Raped multiple woman and his show still runs.SNL jokes about Trump all the time and The View is the worst.Yet they're still on.So it only matters WHO you joke about.Talk about Double Standards
05/29/18 at 01:08pm

Thank God this hateful, racist woman is no longer on the air! I'm beginning to think maybe, just maybe there are still some decent people left in this country.
Daniel A Sanzone
05/29/18 at 11:50am

This show was just cancelled because Roseanne Barr made another racist tweet.
Janis Choplin
05/29/18 at 11:30am

Thanks to Roseanne and her giant gaping mouth, the show got cancelled. Although I feel bad for the rest of the cast, Roseanne can bite it.
05/16/18 at 07:55pm

I hate this liberal garbage. Truth is right. Only the left can support this crazy show. We conservatives need something for us.
05/08/18 at 12:54pm

It’s amazing how they were able to come back after so much time and still retain all the magic that made this show a family favorite. I grew up watching it and I couldn’t be more happy that it is back.
05/06/18 at 11:38am

I can't watch a show by a person who disrespected the National Anthem at a sporting event. If I watched this than I could not call myself a conservative.
04/24/18 at 04:55pm

Liked it when i was younger, not going to watch it now. things change, people grow up, and no longer see things the same way. Id rather remember roseanne as a great show and not a show about white trash.

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