The Sopranos

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Jan 10, 1999 - Jun 10, 2007








Tony - James GandolfiniJennifer - Lorraine BraccoCarmela - Edie FalcoChristopher - Michael ImperioliCorrado - Dominic ChianeseSal - Vincent PastoreSilvio - Steven Van ZandtPaulie - Tony SiricoAnthony - Robert IlerMeadow - Jamie-Lynn SiglerAdriana - Drea de MatteoRichie - David ProvalJanice - Aida TurturroLivia - Nancy Marchand

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A drama following an Italian-American mobster and his family.

The Sopranos focuses on Tony Soprano, head of a New Jersey-based crime family, as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life and his mobster life.

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michael dobey
06/01/17 at 11:47am

I always hoped they do a tv movie. But with the death of James G. that will never happen. The ending was horrible and needed closure.
Sean C
10/14/11 at 06:38pm

Does anyone know how many Episodes the Sopranos had? Not Seasons but Episodes.

Answer: There were a total of 86 episodes.
10/11/11 at 04:32pm

someone bring back another Soprano's type show.
too much reality T.V.

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