Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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Sep 30, 2001 - Jun 26, 2011


Drama / Crime




Det. Goren - Vincent DOnofrioDet. Eames - Kathryn ErbeDet. Nichols - Jeff GoldblumDet. Wheeler - Julianne NicholsonCapt. Ross - Eric Bogosian

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A police procedural about the Major Case Squad division of the New York Police Department.

The second spin-off of the original Law & Order series, Criminal Intent follows the Major Case Squad as they investigate high-profile cases, such as those involving VIPs, government officials, and top business executives.

The show differentiates itself from both of the other Law & Order series by paying closer attention to the actions and motives of the criminals, instead of only focusing on the police and prosecution.

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01/10/13 at 08:27pm

I hated it when NBC let it go and it moved to cable. Thankfully Netflix has it on instant because I was able to watch it from the beginning (I love Vincent D) and watch what I missed. Granted My13 (in CA) picked it up but I don't like commercials and they didn't show them in order.
07/08/12 at 07:39am

of all the "Law and Order"s this one was the best!!! wish Jeff Goldblum would have lasted longer too
12/11/11 at 10:25am

I'm have been a Law and Order fan for years, my favorite was always Criminal Intent. Just wanted to say I am very sad that this show has ended along with the Law and Order.

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