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Oct 02, 2001 - Mar 17, 2010






JD - Zach BraffElliot - Sarah ChalkeTurk - Donald FaisonCarla - Judy ReyesPerry - John C. McGinleyThe Todd - Robert MaschioDr. Kelso - Ken JenkinsJanitor - Neil Flynn

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This weekly half-hour comedy follows several employees of Sacred Heart Hospital, ranging from doctors and nurses to the janitorial staff.

Scrubs is known for its quirky humor, fast-paced dialogue, and surreal vignettes presented as the thoughts of central character Dr. John "J.D." Dorian.

While Scrubs aired on NBC for its first seven seasons, the network decided not to renew the show for 2009, at which point ABC announced that it would pick .

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08/22/14 at 11:20am

Pending Moderation???? I wonder who owns this site...Let's see if my comments go through.....
08/22/14 at 11:18am

They cancel all the good, funny shows...All the garbage with gays and jews in lead roles are on TV...who decides what's funny...? **** this industry and **** all reality shows!
06/26/13 at 04:23pm

Bring back scrubs!!! Cole was hot!!
01/11/13 at 07:21pm

Francisco, you obviously didn't watch the show often if you thought it lacked drama. What made Scrubs one of the best shows to ever air on TV was how it would shower you with comedy, then punch you in the gut with a dramatic moment. A lot of shows liked to claim the "dramedy" title, but Scrubs was the original show that could make you laugh, then break your heart 30 seconds later.
09/10/12 at 01:11pm

I would separate Scrubs with Scrubs - Med School. Scrubs concluded, and Scrubs - Med School as cancelled. These 2 shows have different main casts.
07/27/12 at 08:05pm

Thank-You God!!!
Francisco Rubio
03/28/12 at 01:35am

Scrubs is yet another one of those shows that boggles the mind as to how it stayed on the air for as long as it did.

I am a Medical Doctor and although some of the situations on the show are somewhat funny, it really goes way overboard on most of the plotlines, etc. They (the entire cast) really make it seem like working at a hospital is mainly fun/games but let me tell ya, it is pure stress about 98% of the time!

I guess I just wished the show had had more drama sprinkled in amongst it's overwhelmingly whimsical style of presenting various serious life/death situation(s) in an almost always mocking or unbelievable style. Funny is funny... but, come on - make it believable to the massses!

Glad the show is gone, honestly.
03/24/12 at 08:12am

I'd much rather a show get cancelled and end fantastically rather than trying to hold on to it and making it worse and worse because you can't hold on to those key things that made it so great which really were the main actors that started to go. The interns were fun and all but more as supporting characters than anything.
09/20/11 at 01:31pm

In a way it is sad ofcourse that Scrubs was cancelled. But then again it wasn't the same after the main characters left the show, so I think they made a good descision. Loved Scrubs for many years though. Great show!
09/07/11 at 01:18pm

This was a really good show.

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