CSI: Miami

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Sep 23, 2002 - Apr 08, 2012




Drama / Crime




Horatio - David CarusoCalleigh - Emily ProcterRyan - Jonathan TogoFrank - Rex LinnNatalia - Eva LaRueWalter - Omar Benson MillerEric - Adam RodriguezJesse - Eddie CibrianAlexx - Khandi Alexander

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This procedural crime drama set in Miami is a spin-off of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Set in Miami, this series follows the same blueprint as its parent show. The crime scene investigation team works to solve murders and various other crimes in the Miami-Dade area. The use of hi-tech crime solving techniques is often in the spotlight.

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victor genier
01/22/13 at 04:46pm

cancel csi vegas the actors are to old and can't act.if any of the csi shows should be kept was csi miami the best actors with every show having a little of everything to keep you in suspence
01/13/13 at 06:37pm

what are these people thinking, cancel one of the other csi's not csi miami.
01/03/13 at 04:19am

Why would they cancel CSI: Miami?
CSI: NY has lover ratings. I don't say they should cancel CSI: NY either, but it doesn't make sense when Miami's ratings are higher =(
I also love to watch how the storyline in Miami evolves!
11/29/12 at 04:00pm

I'm truly not impressed with the producers of my favorite shows.Every good show out there is cancelled and yes they have this habit of leaving you hanging and nver ending them properly.Just goes to show you what IDIOTS they are in movie production.Thye must have never finished anything in their life and so hence the just drop that and lets create something else .I'm very surprised there are that many shows left to watch anymore and I really hate those reality shows with a passion.Gonna stop watching tv all together if it doesn't stop and just watch my netflix !!!!!!!
10/21/12 at 12:33pm

I love all the CSI shows. Ted Danson is doing a good job but no one will be Grissom except William Peterson. Love to see him back. Thought he was supposed to at least guest star occassionally but haven't seen him yet. Please don't cancel any of them.
Michael M.
09/22/12 at 01:02am

Yeah, CBS killed CSI:Miami by putting it on Sunday nights during football season. And it looks like they're doing the same thing with The Mentalist this year. So unless something changes, we can probably say goodbye to it after this season, too.
09/16/12 at 10:08pm

I think CSI Miami's ratings dropped because it was changed from Monday nights to Sunday Nights...Hello? Has anyone heard of the NFL? I understand it aired at different times in different time zones, however over here on the East Coast if a football game ran over the alloted time slot (which was every sunday) then Miami would start late or my DVR would record 30 minuts of football then the first 30 minutes of Miami! Bring it back to a different night!
09/09/12 at 12:51pm

Some really good shows have been cancelled. Not sure what really determines a show staying on other then viewers. It's hard to start a new show because you don't know if it will come back the next season. My all time favorite that was cancelled Harry's Law, CSI Miami, Gifted Man. I could name a quite few others as well. I thought they were great shows. What happen that they did not make the cute.
08/28/12 at 09:41am

The show was great, CSI Miami was one of my favorite shows, the regular CSI shgould be cancelled, the show hasn't been the same since William Peterson left the show, it's too boring with Ted Danson.
Mary Lou
08/22/12 at 09:49pm

I've watched this show from the beginning and was still watching it. The whole cast will be missed! NOT HAPPY WITH YOU AT ALL! On the regular CSI you really should get Gil Grissom (William Peterson) back!!!!
Keep it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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