CSI: Miami

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Sep 23, 2002 - Apr 08, 2012




Drama / Crime




Horatio - David CarusoCalleigh - Emily ProcterRyan - Jonathan TogoFrank - Rex LinnNatalia - Eva LaRueWalter - Omar Benson MillerEric - Adam RodriguezJesse - Eddie CibrianAlexx - Khandi Alexander

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This procedural crime drama set in Miami is a spin-off of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Set in Miami, this series follows the same blueprint as its parent show. The crime scene investigation team works to solve murders and various other crimes in the Miami-Dade area. The use of hi-tech crime solving techniques is often in the spotlight.

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08/18/12 at 07:59am

csi Miami was great if you want to get rid of a csi it should have been New York that show sucks
08/12/12 at 02:29pm

This show could be silly at times, but it was still entertaining and I'm going to miss it. Even on a bad day it's a hundred times better than the reality crap we're inundated with on TV now. It's getting to the point where I might as well just dump the TV; nothing decent to watch anymore.
Robin White
08/10/12 at 07:19pm

Reality tv SUCKS! As predictable as Horatio is and Natalia wearing white pants and heals is just ridiculous, I think this is the best of the CSI series! I used to watch the original CSI, I like all the characters, but CSI Miami is my favorite one! DVR is what's killing all our shows!
Vera Carter
08/06/12 at 04:03pm

I just don't understand why the writers and producers of this show would just cancel another good one. I've been a Caruso fan even when he was on NYPD Blue and I enjoy all the other actors on the show. Why keep cancelling good shows and putting on another reality show "CRAP, CRAP, CRAP". Why would I want to watch someone doing something stupid, come on be real people. If you can un-cancel Unforgetable you can un-cancel CSI:Miami. If you were going to cancel the show why would you end it the way you did. All of us that have been loyal watchers were waiting for Eric and Calleigh to get together, because we know they are meant to be together. Now she officially adopted the children and he spoke up and said what he did what else but they need to be Mr & Mrs. PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK, WE NEED TO KEEP ALL THE REAL GOOD GUYS WE CAN ON THE TUBE. We need to show the children of today that it's wrong to do wrong and you will get caught. BRING BACK THE CREW.
07/23/12 at 06:55pm

For all of you asking why they cancel any show, it's called ratings. Just because you enjoyed it doesn't mean enough people did.
steve ybarra
07/18/12 at 05:23pm

My complaint is that I think it's chicken-sh*t that they didn't even bother to have a finale! What a load of crap ! And what an insult to the actors and more than anything what an insult to the loyal fans to just ed the show like that. CBS lost me! I will never watch CBS programs again!
07/08/12 at 07:31am

this was great for the first couple of years, but after that you could almost predict what Horatio Caine was going to say next. I mean come on!! how many stale cliches can an actor's role have. it got unbearable to watch!!!
07/06/12 at 06:19pm

I'm mad they this show was canclled. Really it was a good show I live this show. Cancel any other show that I'd reality on CBS and put this one back on. I would prefer this show and a few others that I love watching on CBS
Kris Williams
06/30/12 at 03:59pm

What is going on with TV? They DON'T have a clue!!!!PUT CSI MIAMI(CBS)THE FINDER(FOX) BACK ON!!!!!!!!!! They just un-cancelled Unforgettable!!! Why not CSI and The Finder??????
abby lola
06/24/12 at 09:54am

I was once a follower off all the csi series i lost intrest when grimson left the original series. Csi was the only fun left now its been cancelled. Maybe the rest will follow. HORATIO WILL BE REALLY MISSED

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