CSI: Miami

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Sep 23, 2002 - Apr 08, 2012




Drama / Crime




Horatio - David CarusoCalleigh - Emily ProcterRyan - Jonathan TogoFrank - Rex LinnNatalia - Eva LaRueWalter - Omar Benson MillerEric - Adam RodriguezJesse - Eddie CibrianAlexx - Khandi Alexander

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This procedural crime drama set in Miami is a spin-off of the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Set in Miami, this series follows the same blueprint as its parent show. The crime scene investigation team works to solve murders and various other crimes in the Miami-Dade area. The use of hi-tech crime solving techniques is often in the spotlight.

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Dave James
06/22/12 at 09:48am

Calleigh goes to crime scenes wearing high heels and white slacks!!!?? Caruso appears in a doorway looking at his feet, glasses in hand. I almost expect him to say "Damn, lost a contact"! And in the first season the line would go "Alex,go back to the lab and get me a kit". In the following seasons it was "Alexxx,...go.back.to.the laab and get me..a..kittt".
Where's the remote?
Ida Green
06/16/12 at 03:03pm

I cannot believe you all will be cancelling one of the best shows on tv. you find a good show and they end it and put on rubbish like the reality show. I feel there is nothing left to watch I like all the csi shows and watch them all the time. please do not cancel this show
Faye Knight-Wright
06/06/12 at 08:16am

I LOVED CSI Miami! I've watched it ever since it aired. I'm very, very disappointed about the cancellation. Why did they do it?

I believe this show has loyal watcher like myselfand, is as angry as I am about the cancellation. What's next? I hate "reality shows"! I don't watch any of them!
Donna Amato
06/02/12 at 11:23pm

I can not believe another show with acting is being cancelled for the crap "reality" stuff that is out there. Extremely disappointed, just another night I won't tune into CBS :(
05/29/12 at 01:15pm

I love people Sometimes there Funy, you alway see the Haters here posting more then the people who like the Show.

The "As for a computer that no law enforcement agency in the USA could afford" You have no idea what we get to play with everyday, if your talking about the Virtual Table. Its Microsoft Surface with Glass moniters, with a Silver Dusting in the glass. using projection onto the moniters looks alot like what CSI miami used.
05/27/12 at 05:17am

why are they cancelling the best one of all i dont like the new york one csi miami is a lot better.
Kenneth and Patti Hunt
05/26/12 at 07:49pm

I guess you do not like negitive coments as my post is no where in site? CSI Miami was unrealistic and of the 3 it always amazed me that it stayed on as long as it did! A field investigator with cleavage and spiked high heals would NEVER be seen in real life. And "this is what I want you to do" was wearing on my last nerve. As for a computer that no law enforcement agency in the USA could afford thats a whole other subject. Good Riddance to bad rubish!
Cathy Connally
05/25/12 at 11:27am

I can't believe you are cancelling the best tv show. Calleigh and Eric have such chemistry together and I had hoped they would get together after she adopted the children, and he helped her. How can cbs be so cruel. I have nothing to watch now. NCIS felt the same fate it looked like Ducky fell to his death. They killed Lauren Holly off they just are so cruel. They axed the soap operas too so what is left. Nothing.
05/22/12 at 07:14pm

I've seen better acting in a kindergarten Christmas show
Just Keith
05/22/12 at 06:09am

'Bout time. "All Horatio, all the time."

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