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Jul 12, 2002 - Dec 04, 2009


Drama / Crime




Monk - Tony ShalhoubSharona - Bitty SchramNatalie - Traylor HowardRandy - Jason Gray-StanfordLeland - Ted Levine

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A mystery series with a touch of comedy about a former police detective with a photographic memory.

Adrian Monk worked as a detective for the San Francisco Police Department until his wife was killed by a car bomb. Suffering a nervous breakdown following the event, he was subsequently discharged from the squad.

After becoming a recluse and refusing to leave home for years, Monk is convinced to rejoin society and begins to work as a private detective and consultant of difficult cases. However he is forced to deal with his severe obsessive–compulsive disorder as he tries to convince his former Captain that he is fit to return to the force.

Comments (7)

04/19/22 at 09:31am

The 5 minute reunion episode with Monk dealing with the Covid pandemic was a fun little reunion but left The Plopster wanting more. I recently read an interview with Tony Shalhoub saying that a reunion movie is in the discussion phases and is likely going to happen! Great news!
michael dobey
06/01/17 at 11:42am

A case of the lead actor wanting out , not bad ratings. they should do a tv movie. it's been gone a long time now.
04/06/14 at 09:09am

I love this show
03/02/14 at 06:20pm

this was such a good show Loved Tony , What an actor !!
10/01/12 at 02:12pm

Love this show.
10/15/11 at 07:28pm

Great show! Bought all 8 season on DVD! Love it! Best wishes to Tony and the gang! See you all in reunion type movies in the future!
08/29/11 at 07:20pm

Monk wasn't cancelled it was concluded. They had always said they only wanted . Tony Shalub had said he wouldn't do it past season 8 which is why the show was concluded for season 8 which aired the last Episode on Aug 7, 2009.

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