American Chopper

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Mar 31, 2003 - Aug 04, 2020






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A reality series following a custom motorcycle business.

In American Chopper, cameras follow Paul Teutul Sr. and his son, Paul Teutul Jr. as they run Orange County Choppers in Newburgh, NY.

The two must deal with their contrasting personalities while working together to meet short deadlines on their distinctive custom bikes.

Comments (6)

11/04/15 at 03:02pm

Is my Downeast Dickers not cominh back on History???
02/26/13 at 11:50am

I ride a motorcycle and watched this CRAP once.
These red neck knuckle dragging idiots should have been cancelled after the second show. I can't believe they were allowed to pollute the air waves this long.
Good by and GOOD RIDDENS.
12/08/12 at 05:49pm

It is my understand that this show ends with the bike build off Tuesday December 11! To bad!
11/17/12 at 08:48am

GOOD! when they focused on the building of the bikes the show was great then they went to the soap opera crap and it was all downhill from there.
Jim Jones
10/19/12 at 05:22am

Love the show.
09/11/12 at 01:33pm

I watch the season opener and it was not that good. Everybody was walking around like they were on eggshells. It look like Paul and Jr. had nothing in common. I do like the new format

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