One Tree Hill

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Sep 23, 2003 - Apr 04, 2012


The CW






Lucas - Chad Michael MurrayNathan - James LaffertyPeyton - Hilarie BurtonHaley - Bethany Joy GaleottiBrooke - Sophia BushDan - Paul JohanssonWhitey - Barry CorbinKeith - Craig ShefferKaren - Moira KellyDeb - Barbara Alyn WoodsMouth - Lee NorrisSkills - Antwon TannerRachel - Danneel HarrisJamie - Jackson BrundageMillie - Lisa GoldsteinJulian - Austin Nichols

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A drama following the lives and loves of two half-brothers in the town of Tree Hill in North Carolina.

Set in the fictional small town of Tree Hill, NC, One Tree Hill follows Lucas and Nathan Scott, and how their relationship as brothers evolves from arch rivals to caring siblings.

Lucas is a blue-collar basketball player, but his skills are only appreciated by his friends. Contrasting him is his half-brother Nathan, an affluent and popular hoops star.

The boys are the offspring of former college baller Dan Scott, who in the past chose to abandon Lucas and his mother. Dan had always kept his sons apart from each other, but when the school's basketball coach recruits Lucas for his team, the brothers' worlds collide.

The siblings have a natural rivalry that only intensifies when they fall for the same girl. Throughout the series they navigate high school, marriage, and adulthood.

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#1 Fan
12/01/16 at 03:36pm

01/22/16 at 02:28pm

I do not regret buying the series on DVD...One of the best TV shows in a long long time.
02/07/13 at 08:08pm

i cried for a day when the show ended. and now i feel empty. i think they should have kept going.
07/22/12 at 02:51am

They should do a spin-off, a show about when the children goes to tree hill high, that would be great, I was so dissapointed when Chad and Hilarie (Lucas and peyton) wasnt on the show anymore, they cant kill off a main character so I think its good that one tree hill is cancelled but I'm dissapointed at the season finale, Lucas and Peyton and baby sawyer should have been in it so a spin-off now should be great :D
05/14/12 at 04:16pm

I too was sad to see it end after 9yrs on the air. I however do not think it over ran it's course, but it end just about the right time. :))
05/04/12 at 10:51pm

Very sad to see OTH go. It felt like losing a part of us. Bring it back n unfold the children's story r Keith, Dan n karens story...
04/20/12 at 09:49am

they definitely should have ended this when peyton and lucas left the show. you cant have a show about two brothers and then take one of them off. thats stupid. it was over ran and watered down in the last season and the season finale was DISAPPOINTING
04/18/12 at 01:45pm

Erica it ran its course.. not cancelled concluded Im surprised it made it this long
03/05/12 at 11:03pm

I do not think OTH should be cancelled because so many people look forward to this show! They have lost a lot of people in the past few years, but at the same time they have kept a lot of their fans. I will never stop watching OTH I have all 8 seasons that are out on DVD, and when the 9th season comes out I will be buying that, and then when the big box set comes out, I will be buying that to! DO NOT CANCEL A SHOW THAT MEANS EVERYTHING TO A LOT OF PEOPLE!

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