Reno 911!

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Jul 23, 2003 - Feb 25, 2022






Lt. Dangle - Thomas LennonDeputy Junior - Robert Ben GarantDeputy Trudy - Kerri Kenny-SilverFrank - Ken MarinoSam - David WainKevin - Michael Ian BlackDeputy Rizzo - Joe Lo Truglio

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An improv comedy series that parodies law enforcement documentary shows.

Shot in a mockumentary-style, Reno 911!'s cast of comic actors portray the police officers that you would normally see on shows such as COPS.

The show places much emphasis on improvisation, using only a broad outline with a minimal script.

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Steve S.
05/04/20 at 01:04am

I don't know what Quibi is but I don't get it. If the new Reno 911 is as good as the old one, that would be a great loss. Odds are, the new one will suck. Huh-hu-huh-hu-huh-ha.
07/27/12 at 08:07pm

Yeah!!!! bring on the balloons and party hats!
03/05/12 at 00:40am

I enjoyed this show until they switched up the cast towards the last few seasons than lost interest. It had a good run.
01/18/12 at 00:25am

Absolutely terrible show. Good riddance. Not funny, not cute, not clever. The only part worth watching was the blond gal with the enormous breasts...

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