Two and a Half Men

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Sep 22, 2003 - Feb 19, 2015








Walden - Ashton KutcherAlan - Jon CryerJake - Angus T. JonesHerb - Ryan StilesRose - Melanie LynskeyEvelyn - Holland TaylorBerta - Conchata FerrellJudith - Marin HinkleCharlie - Charlie Sheen

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A sitcom about a playboy jingle writer whose divorced brother moves into his beach-front house.

Charlie Harper is a successful bachelor whose wild ways are cut short when his younger brother, Alan, gets divorced and moves into his Malibu home.

Alan also brings his son Jake along, and together they unwittingly throw a wrench into Charlie's single-living ways.

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05/26/12 at 09:39am

Jon Cryer it is your show now...Run with it and help Ashton along, He is good but not a Charlie he needs you and Berta.
05/15/12 at 09:43am

I don't like the show with Ashton. It could have survived with the remaining cast members, which I love. I'm waiting to catch Charlie on Anger Management. Not an Ashton fan.
05/15/12 at 05:26am

guys pls this show is not complete with without Charlie!!! i don't like Alan, he thinks he's funny but he's not to me. Pls i want Charlie back plsssss!
04/16/12 at 10:45am

I never really liked Two and a half men, but now that Ashton Kutcher joined the show, it's actually a pretty decent comedy. Not the sharpest humor, but he has given the show a much needed lift!
04/09/12 at 09:09pm

Jon Cryer is the reason I love this show. I could care less who is on this show with him. I do not like Sheen but he was funnier than Kutcher. However, as I said, Cryer is the reason I watch the show.
02/15/12 at 05:32pm

Replace Charlie with Ashton are you nuts! This show is a mess without Charlie. Berta, Evelyn and Rose will have to try to keep this thing a float. jon sure can't! CHARLIE your an A_ _ but we still miss you! Without Charlie this show does not work stupid, stupid, stupid! (PS I love Charlie's mom I wish you were my MOM)
Dave James
12/27/11 at 03:25pm

2 1/2 has gone from a Ginsu to a butter knife. All it's humor is straight out of the toilet. Alan is as spineless as ever and even Berta looks bored. I don't know why CBS is keeping this one alive. Anything else would have been cancelled already.
12/27/11 at 02:26am

I think that this show is still funny with Ashton Kutcher. I don't get the same feeling now that there is no Charlie Sheen and I am glad that CBS didn't try to replace Charlie with Ashton. I hope that Jon Cryer and Angus can continue their funny antics I still enjoy the show.

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