Dog the Bounty Hunter

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Aug 31, 2004 - Apr 25, 2012








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A reality series following bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman.

Duane "Dog" Chapman is joined by his wife and children in Honolulu, Hawaii as Dog works at Da Kine Bail Bonds. Him and his team hunt down and capture fugitives.

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Former Bailbond Agent
07/25/17 at 11:41am

I would NEVER hire nor recommend Chapman or any of his clan! The police in my jurisdiction said they would assist him, depending on the circumstances and how bad the bail-jumper might be. Otherwise, they want nothing to do with him. I got out of the bailbond business a long time ago and took up real estate. Glad I did
12/14/16 at 01:00pm

It amazes me all the stupid comments you peopleput here if you didn't like it why the hell were you watching it!!! Dog made it quite clear he was a fellon himself and in jail he turned good to help people not to do what he did!!! Pay attention!!!
helder wit
11/15/14 at 08:41pm

Only Hollywood could turn a 2 bit thug and his wench into a series. Used to irritate me when he would get his white board out and say we are after this guy for (fill in the blank)rape, murder etc, the truth is they were only able to go after someone for bail jumping. He also used to say we don't use guns because I don't like them, the truth is he is a convicted felon and is not allowed to be in possession of one. They claimed that law enforcement personnel loved them, the truth is, that we say around dreaming of the chance to arrest him. Good riddance.
Sarah Mckown
03/09/14 at 11:07am

What happened to Dog's brother and Nephew's that were on the show? What's going on with Leeland?
10/28/13 at 10:19am

if u dont like the show why comment?
05/24/13 at 04:16am

about time!!! why are we going to continue watching this ex con making the world believe hi found god and that he has change that is the biggest crap i ever hear, ones a con always a con...
05/15/13 at 12:09pm

So glad this show is over!!! Couldn't be anymore excited about this news.
Jo Ann H Edwards
05/11/13 at 09:24pm

I was done with him when I heard about his daugther and some guy she was seeing, the comment he made on the phone about the Black/N word he use. I had my own fork found out I was done!!!!
04/09/13 at 06:42pm

Yeah!! Another crappy show cancelled!! Couldn't have happened to a better man lol!!
02/22/13 at 03:54pm

Didn't another network pick hin up with a "new" show called Dog?

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